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A review of the monograph: Khairullin V.I. Analysis of works by English-language authors and their translations into Russian: linguistic and cultural frames

K.H. Rekosh

Khairullin V. The Analysis of English Language Authors’ Writings and Their Russian Translations. Moscow: URSS: LENAND, 2021. 184 p.


ISBN 978-5-9710-8332-0

UDC 81`25(048)


Rekosh Karina Kh.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor of the French Language Department

Moscow State Institute of International Relations

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation



The paper reviews a monograph by Vladimir Khairullin on The Analysis of English Language Authors’ Writings and Their Russian Translations (Moscow: URSS/LENAND, 2021. 184 p.). The reviewer presents a general description of the book that analyses how English culture properties may be and are depicted in Russian translations. The analysis is implemented on the basis of the following five item groups: person, space, time, social institutions, everyday situations. A special emphasis is laid on the book structure, its illustrative matter as well as the research results.

Keywords: translation, culture, frame, analysis, person, space, time, situation.