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PhS Library 
Issue 5 (june)

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Issue 4 (april)

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Issue 3 (february)

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Issue 2 (december)



































Prokhorov Yury E.,

Dr. Sci. in Philology, Dr. Sci. in Pedagogy, Professor, Honored worker in Russian Sciences,
Laureate of the Prize of the President of RF in the field of education in 2000, Honored worker of Higher Professional Education of Russia 

Research interests:  cognitive linguistics, cultural studies, pedagogy
Deputy Editor in the area of "History and Criticism of Literature"
Chernyak Maria A.,
Dr. Sci. in Philology, Professor, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, Saint Petersburg
Research interests:  modern Russian literature, popular literature, sociology of literature, modern children's literature, the problem of reading literature
Deputy Editor in the area of "Linguistics"
Basylev  Vladimir N.,
Dr. Sci. in Philology, Professor
Research interests: Philosophy of language and phenomenology

Science Editors

Subject area "History and Criticism of Literature"
Uryupin Igor S., Dr. Sci. in Philology, Professor at  Moscow State Pedagogical University
Subject area "Linguistics"
Bachtikireeva Uldanay M., Dr. Sci. in Philology, Professor of People’s Friendship University of Russia

Subject area "Bibliography"
Kholikov Alexey A., Dr. Sci. in Philology, Member of the “International Auto/Biography Association” (IABA), Lomonosov Moscow State University


Editorial Director Tyurina Lyudmila G., Dr. Sci. in Philology, Professor, INOITs ALMAVEST, Ltd, Moscow

Designer and Maker-up Taktashov Timur I.

Proofreader Baltrushaitis Darya V.



Tel.: +7 (495) 99-88-612,
+7 (985) 99-88-612

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Postal address publisher: INOITS ALMAVEST, Ltd 17B Butlerova St., room 1B/5, Internal territorial urban municipal district Konkovo, Moscow, Russia 117342  (for INOITs ALMAVEST)