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Genesis of the novelty thinking in Russian language Kabardinian literature of the 80s of the 20th century

Yu.M. Thagazitov, A.M. Kazieva, F.T. Uzdenova

UDC 82=161.1=512.142  


Thagazitov Yuriy M.,

Doctor of Philology, Leading Researcher

of Institute of Humanitarian Studies — branch

Kabardino-Balkar Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Kazieva Almira M.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Literature and

Pedagogical Technologies Department

of Institute of Translation and Multilingualism

Pyatigorsk State University


Uzdenova Fatima T.,

Candidate of Philology, Senior Scientific Researcher

of Institute of Humanitarian Studies — branch

Kabardino-Balkar Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences



The article is an attempt to “re-read and rethink” the novels of Russian-speaking Kabardian writer M. Elberd “Terrible way to Oshkhamakho” and “Look for where you didn’t hide” at the level of modern literary experience. The authors focus on the complex, multifaceted interweaving of a single, essentially self-national and Russian-language literary process. This approach allows us to see new facets of artistic and sociocultural interrelations in the evolution of novel thinking. The particular interest of the Russian-language novel in history is connected with the important problem of how people choose their own destiny. The most important criterion in the North Caucasian Russian-speaking Romanticism remains the widespread world perception of the people: this circumstance emphasizes the importance of the orientation of Kabardian literature of the 80s of the 20th century to folk mythology, Adyg etiquette, the cycle of legends about Zhabagi Kazanoko, enlightenment, creativity of the classics of Kabardian literature Ali Shogentsukov and A. Keshokov. The article uses an integrated approach. It combines elements of typological, systemic-holistic and historical-literary analysis. The research methods are structural-analytical, synchronous-comparative, hermeneutic.

Keywords: Russian-language Kabardian literature, M. Elberd’s novels, artistic consciousness, national character.



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