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Ethnic worlds in E.V. Rudashevsky’s prose

T.T. Davydova, E.V. Kulikova
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UDC 82-3:392     


Davydova Tatiana T.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Institute of

Publishing and Journalism

Moscow Polytech University



Kulikova Еlena V.,

Candidate of Philology, Head of the

Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication Department

Kosygin Russian State University

(Technology. Design. Art)



The article deals with the research of Russian and American so called ethnic worlds (cultural backgrounds) in the novel «Bessonitsa» (“Insomnia”) by E.V. Rudashevsky. The other of the novel is a representative of YA literature in modern Russian literature. The relevance of the research is due to the investigating a possible links between American and European cultures in the novel, and the comparison of the American and Russian value systems. The article examines the genetic links between “Insomnia” and new journalism, a popular trend in the US press in the 1970s, as well as American cinema and the work of European writers, artists, and film Directors. Much attention is paid to the generic nature of the novel, the form of the narrative, the problems and images of the characters. The research results make the following conclusions: the idea to describe and compare different ethnic and cultural worlds is characteristic of Rudashevsky’s novel; the depth of Den's inner world disclosure makes the work an important event in modern Russian prose; the poetics of “Insomnia” is largely based on the thematic and aesthetic settings of the American new journalism.

Keywords: Rudashevsky, ethnic world, American new journalism, modern Russian prose, lyric-epic novel, intertextuality.



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