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Time items and translation: a case of mutually complementing narratives

V.I. Khayrullin
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UDC 81`25    


Khairullin Vladimir I.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor of the International Law

and International Relations Department

Bashkir State University



The paper discusses the problem of how completely time items that denote holidays, festivity and traditional customs days are transferred in translation. The author introduces a notion of balancing, which implies that time items may enjoy both cultural and linguistic equilibrium when they are depicted by different language means. It is admitted that balance fails to be seen in all the cases of eventful notions description in Russian / English translations. It is argued that source and target language texts should be approached as mutually complementing narratives that clarify and explain time item losses in the target language.

Keywords: time item, eventful notion, translation, culture, narrative, complementarity, loyalty, source, target.



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