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Review of the monograph by Bogdanov S.I., Marusenko M.A., Marusenko N.M. Language censuses and monitorings as a tool of national language policy

L.G. Tyurina, U.M. Bakhtikireeva

Bogdanov, S.I., Marusenko, M.A., Marusenko, N.M. Language censuses and monitoring as a tool of national language policy. St. Petersburg: Publishing house RGPU n.a. A.I. Herzen, 2020. 344 p.

ISBN 978-5-8064-2756-5


UDC 81:323.1(02)        


Tyurina Lyudmila G.,

Doctor of Philology,

Editorial Director of Journal

“Philological Sciences. Scientific Essays of Higher Education”

Bakhtikireeva Uldanai M.,

Dr. Sc. in Philology, Professor

The Department of Russian Language and Intercultural Communication

RUDN University, Moscow