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M. Gorky and Lada Mogilyanskaya

A.G. Plotnikova
80,00 ₽

UDC 82-94


Plotnikova Anastasia G.,

Candidate of Philology, Senior Researcher

Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences


ORCID ID 0000–0003–1866–0608


The article reconstructs the biography of a little-known Ukrainian poetess Lada Mogylianskaya and the history of her relationship with M. Gorky; fragments of her poems in Ukrainian and Russian are given. Mogilyanskaya was first repressed in 1929 in the case of the Ukrainian “Democratic Union”, passed through the Solovetsky prison, D.S. Likhachev. Subsequently, she ended up at the construction site of the White Sea-Baltic Canal, was released ahead of schedule and received an award sign. From 1934 she worked in the cultural and educational department of the Dmitrov prison and on the construction of the Moscow — Volga Canal. M. Gorky repeatedly took part in the fate of Mogilyanskaya, appealing to high-ranking officials and petitioning to alleviate her fate. In 1937, after the arrest of G.G. Yagoda and the head of Dmitlag S.G. Firin, she was repressed a second time and died. The article also examines the work of the cultural and educational departments of the GULAG, in which representatives of the creative intelligentsia could escape from overwhelming, destructive labor. For the first time, the article introduces into scientific circulation M. Gorky's letters to various persons related to the fate of the poetess, letters to him from the Ukrainian philologist M.M. Mogilyansky, poet S. Marshak and other documents stored in the A.M. Gorky’s archive in Moscow.

Keywords: Lada Mogilyanskaya, M. Gorky, White Sea-Baltic Canal, GULAG, M.M. Mogilyansky, Dmitlag, S.G. Firin.



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