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A.P. Chekhov’s short story “Gusev”: a new reading

N.V. Kapustin
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Kapustin Nikolay V.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor,

Professor of the Native Philology Department

Ivanovo State University



Chekhov’s short story “Gusev” is often associated with the work about social dislocation of life as well as with the impressions on Chekhov’s Sakhalin island life. In this case Gusev’s tragical fortune and the monologues of Pavel Ivanovich — another character of the story, are in the centre of analysis. The author of the article deals with the philosophical context of the story, that was not so much researched before. Speaking about the philosophical side scientists usually concentrate on the end of the story — Gusev’s death and the depiction of the beautiful natural world. Actually the story “Gusev” is a philosophical one. The story is structured on the principle of analogy between Gusev and other characters of the story who are all destined to inescapably die. The end of Chekhov’s story is comparable to the final of Pushkin’s elegy “When down the noisy streets I’m walking…”. It brings a positive note in the man’s tragical fate, indifference of nature, unalterable laws of the universe. On the other hand, Chekhov’s characters compared to Pushkin should also face and solve difficulties of daily and social life.

Keywords: Chekhov, “Gusev”, Pushkin, “When down the noisy streets I’m walking…”, socio-philosophic story.



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