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In search of the lost: Lituanistica of the first quarter of the 20th century

P.A. Ambrosovich, V.N. Bazylev
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UDC 811.172  


Ambrosovich Peter A.,

Member of the Belarusian Public and Cultural Partnership (St. Petersburg)


Bazylev Vladimir N.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor,
Deputy chief editor of "Filologicheskie nauki. Nauchnye doklady vyshei shkoly"



The article is devoted to the historiography of the post-revolutionary linguistics in Russia: research on lithuanistics, restoration of forgotten names of those Russian scientists who contributed to the development of Lithuanian linguistics in the first quarter of the XX century. In this context, we are interested in the activities of the little-mentioned and almost forgotten researcher Nikolai Sokolov (1875–1923), a full member of the Lithuanian Scientific Society since June 27, 1912. N. Sokolov’s scientific legacy is very fragmentary. So, today we can talk only about the reconstruction of his activities in Lithuania, for which the authors used in their study receiving Sokolov’s self-description of his own work , based on three variants of the list of “Lithuanian” (i.e. in the Lithuanian language and about Lithuania) publications: N. Sokolov’s letter to Nikolai Durnovo, dated 6 November 1918, N. Sokolov’s сurriculum vitae from 1909 and 1921, and obituary written upon N. Sokolov’s death, by N. Durnovo from June 2, 1923.

Кeywords: historiography of linguistics, lituanistica, reconstruction, persons — N. Sokolov, N. Durnovo, K. Buge.



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