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Sergey Yesenin in the screenplay of V. Mayakovsky “The Story of One Nagan”

T.A. Kupchenko
80,00 ₽

UDC 821.161.1-2


Kupchenko Tatiana А.,

Candidate of Philology, Senior Scientific Researcher

Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences



For the first time, a complex of motives associated with the image of S. Yesenin in the script by V. Mayakovsky “The Story of a Nagant”, as well as “Forget about the Fireplace” and the play “The Bedbug” are considered. A connection is established between the biographical facts of Yesenin’s life and the motives of the script, and the features of the innovative poetics promoted by Mayakovsky, revealed by him in the article “How to Make Poems” and his speech at the debate “Depressive mood among youth (“Yeseninism”)”. The “Yesenin” theme of the script is considered together with the themes of “poet and poetry”, with the accompanying motives of hooliganism, drunkenness and love in poems that also contain the “Yesenin” theme, but are included in the range of works devoted to reflections on what true art is in the era of building a new socialist state: “My speech at the show trial on the occasion of a possible scandal with the lectures of Professor Shengelli”, “Sergei Yesenin”, “A Conversation with the Financial Inspector about Poetry”, “Beat the Whites and Greens”, “Marusia Was Poisoned”, “Letter to Comrade Kostrov from Paris about the Essence of Love”, “Letter to Tatiana Yakovleva”.

Keywords: “Depressive mood among youth (“Yeseninism”)”, “Forget about the Fireplace”, “Goodbye, my friend, goodbye”, hooliganism, “How to Make Poems”, Mayakovsky and Yesenin, Mayakovsky’s scenarios, Revolution of the Spirit, the aesthetics of the literature of fact, “The Story of a Nagant”.



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