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Fandyr and Kudajnat's sword: overcoming the “Tazit complex” in Georgy Tsagolov's poetry

I.S. Hugaev
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UDC 821.221(479)-1     


Khugaev Irlan S.,

Doctor of Philology, Leading Researcher of the

Integrated Research Department

Vladikavkaz Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences



The article considers the poetry writing of an Ossetian Russian-language writer, poet and publicist Georgy Mikhajlovich Tsagolov (1871–1939), which mainly refers to the turn of the 20th century and partially appears in the collection of poems “Ossetian motifs” (1907). Its main motifs, thematic and stylistic priorities, his attitude to leading literary tendencies of that time, allusions to the Russian classical poetry and the authour’s place and significance in the development of the Ossetian literature are identified. On the basis of observations of the dynamics of the authour's conception certain conclusions are formulated. Although Tsagolov’s early works remain largely within the ideologic and stylistic paradigm of the Khetagurov period, the phenomenons of urbanization, politicization and proletarianization of the Ossetian literary mind become increasingly visible over time. The Ossetian literature in this poetry gets free of the newly scripted language complex, and in particular, of the “Tazit complex” of mountain enlightenment.

Keywords: mountain enlightenment, Ossetian literature, Russian-language (translingual) Ossetian poetry, newly scripted language, Georgy Tsagolov, “Tazit complex”, revolutionary Romanticism, blood feud, liberation struggle, ethnic archaic style, urbanization, proletarianization.



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