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What we do with language, or a breakthrough in the Russian philosophy of language

V.N. Bazylev

Nilogov A.S. Filosofiia antiiazyka. St. Petersburg: Aleteia, 2013. 216 s.

ISBN 978-5-91419-8609-9


Nilogov A. Antiiazyk (po tu storonu filosofii iazyka). LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2017. 392 s.

ISBN 978-3-659-97894-4


Nilogov A.S. Antislova i veshchi. Futurologiia gumanitarnykh nauk. St. Petersburg: Aleteia, 2020. 478 s.

ISBN 978-5-00165-062-1


УДК 81:1


Bazylev Vladimir N.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor

National Research University “Higher School of Economics”


ORCID 0000-0001-8952-9485


Review of the philosophical and linguistic triptych by A. Nilogov, which includes the monographs “Philosophy of Anti-language” (2013), “Anti-language (beyond the philosophy of language)” (2017) and “Anti-Words and Things” (2020), devoted to the content of a new descriptive discipline — the philosophy of anti-language.

Keywords: philosophy of language, anti-language, postmodernism, epistemology, futurology.