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Is ‘a dog’ really a loan in Russian?

S.Yu. Petrov
80,00 Р


Petrov Sergey Yu.,

Linguist, Compiler of the dictionary, Technical translator, Omsk



Reviewing the etymological dictionaries the author deals with the etymology of the Russian words пёс, собака, сука, and щенок. The names of this canine in different Indo-European languages are analyzed phonetically and compared to their Russian cognates.  Paralleling the motives of naming of this animal under the Indo-European theory the author traces back the causes of their formation in the languages by suggesting his own reconstruction of the initial name of the animal in the Slavonic languages, and puts in question the trends of the existing linguistic borrowings hypotheses.

Keywords: etymology, Indo-European, loan word, a (male) dog, a hound, a bitch, a puppy.




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