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Structural and semantic features and characteristic aspects of the functioning of oil and gas terms in scientific texts

A.E. Kolbasenkova
80,00 Р


Kolbasenkova Aleksandra E.,


Saint-Petersburg Mining University

Faculty of fundamental and humanitarian disciplines

Department of Russian language and literature



The article presents the results of the analysis of the functioning of oil and gas terms with the terminological elements “neft’ ” (oil) and “gaz” (gas) in the scientific texts from the articles of scientific oil and gas journals “Neftyanoye khozyaystvo”, “”, “Territoriya «NEFTEGAZ»” within 2016, a total of 46 articles and 442 terminological units were analyzed. In the course of the study structural and semantic features of oil and gas terms were revealed, their classification was presented, terminological collocations, complex words, abbreviations were considered as important elements of this terminology, as well as the metaphorization process as one of the types of lexical-semantic way of word formation (in this case formation of terms).

Keywords: term, oil and gas terminology, terminological collocations, functioning of terms, scientific text, scientific journal, special language.




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