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Conceptosphere of mirror reflection in Olga Mark’s prose

A.Z. Zhaksylykov
80,00 ₽

Zhaksylykov Aslan Zhamelevich,

Doctor of philological science,

professor of the chair of theory and methodology of translation

KazNU named after al?Farabi

Faculty of Philology, Literary Studies and World Languages

Chair of Theory and Methodology of Translation



In this article is given the assessment of well-known writer Olga Mark’s work. Creativity of Olga Mark is considered in the context of modern Russian literature of Kazakhstan 90 s of the twentieth century, freed from the old methodological canons and stereotypes. In Olga Mark’s prose has fundamental and original conceptuality, which is evidence of serious aesthetic search and artistic innovation. Constant leitmotif of her prose is a deep sense of symmetry and asymmetry planes of existence and the other being, reality and illusion. Narrative movement of specular reflection plans is noticeably in the story «The waters of Lethe», in many stories, for example, such as the «Evaluation of the real property», «voice», «Sur», «chronicles», etc. In this regard, we can say about the concept of two world developing in creativity of O. Mark for many years. In this regard, the paper studies the problem of conceptsphere of specular reflection in prose of O. Mark, reveals the artistic and aesthetic features of important concepts in the work.

Key words: artistic method, concept, conceptosphere, detail, semantics.