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The novel is dead, Long live the novel (Novel by V. Sorokin “Roman”). Part 2

O.V. Bogdanova
80,00 ₽

Bogdanova Olga V.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor,

Leading Researcher of the Institute of Philological Studies

St. Petersburg State University


The article analyses Vladimir Sorokin’s novel “Roman”. The author states that this novel was written following V. Komar’s and A. Melamid’s “Sots Art” practices and also incorporates the main plots, motives, and forms of the 19th century classical Russian novels. Typical is for the “Moscow conceptualists” to declare a lack of ideas and a detachment from tradition in their works. However, Sorokin’s novel demonstrates that although “the novel is dead” it continues to thrive in a new form.

Keywords: Vladimir Sorokin, modern Russian literature, prose, postmodernism, conceptualism, social art, tradition, genre, novel.


Sorokin V. Roman // Sorokin V. Sobranie sochineniy: V 3-ch t. — M.: Ad Marginem, 2002. T. 2.