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”Osetinschina” of Kosta Khetagurov: An essay “Osoba” and its importance in the Ossetian literature history

I.S. Hugaev
80,00 ₽

Hugaev Irlan S.

Doctor of Philology,

Leading researcher of the complex scientific-research Department
Vladikavkaz scientific center of the RAS and RNO-Alanaiya

Scientific interests: Genesis, history and poetics of Ossetian bilingual national literature



The article focuses on the ideas and poetics of the only ethnographic study left by the founder of the Ossetian national literature Kosta Khetagurov. The author identifies its genre, structural and stylistic principles and ideological and emotional tendencies in the context of the writer’s literary legacy and the history of Ossetian national literature.

Keywords: Kosta, Nar, Ossetian literature, ethnography, essay, “osoba”, ethnic culture, adat, vendetta.



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