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Chronicle of the seminar “The crossed-out text as the communication act”

E.I. Kolesnikova
80,00 ₽

Kolesnikova Elena I.,

Doctor of Philology,

Senior research associate of Department of the Latest literature,

Institute of the Russian literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences

(the Pushkinsky Dom)

Professor of chair of advertizing and public relations,

of the St. Petersburg state

technology and design university



The seminar review “The crossed-out text as the communication act” contains summaries of all reports. The main emphasis was placed to anthropological, communicative aspect of the crossed text. What sense at the act of refusal of the written text?  The submitted reports have an interdisciplinary character. They touch on issues of cultural science, semiotics, archivistick, art criticism, language of the Internet, the text of mass media.

Keywords: text, author, manuscript, crossed-out text, Internet