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Idea of overcoming of death in the epic novel by M.A. Sholokhov «The Quiet Don»

A.A. Dyrdin
80,00 ₽

Dyrdin Alexander A.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor,

Head of Department of Philology, Publishing and Editing,

Faculty of Humanitarian Sciences Ulyanovsk State Technical University



On a material of the novel of M. Sholokhov «The Quiet Don» deep communication of life and death as most important measurements of human life is analyzed. Numerous transformations of motive of death, communication of an esthetics and philosophy of the author with song folklore and experience of the image of death in the Russian literature are considered.  The concept of rejection of death, is based at Sholokhov on traditions of national consciousness and the Russian religious philosophy. 

Keywords: Novel tragedy «The Quiet Don» of M. Sholokhov, life and death philosophy, national world outlook tradition, death rejection.



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