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The geometrical symbolics in Olzhas Suleymenov’s poem “A Clay Book”

G.Z. Shashkina
80,00 Р

Shashkina Gul'zhan Z.,

Ph D., Assistant Professor,

The Chief Monitoring Expert of the Committee in Education & Science of the Ministry of Education & Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan



The purpose of this article is the research of symbolics like the geometrical figures, such as: a circle, a double circle (eight), a triangle and a mark in Olzhas Suleymenov’s poem “A clay book”. The analysis showed that, the symbolics for Olzhas Suleymenov’s poetic world, in this case geometrical is one of the fundamental concepts, that are reflecting the philosophical and the ideological beliefs of the author.

The geometrical symbolics can be traced not only in the images of the main characters, but also in a plot and a work composition, too.

Keywords: a poetics, an art world and the symbolics of geometrical figures. 



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