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Linguistic ideas of Hugo Schuchardt and the features of his scientific style

O.A. Voloshina
80,00 ₽

Voloshina Oxana A.,

Ph.D. Candidate of Philolodgy., Lecturer of the Philological Department of

Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Department of Theoretical and

Applied Linguistics of Institute of Linguistics of

Russian State University for the Humanities



The paper deals with the scientific interests of the famous Austrian linguist of XIX century — Hugo Schuchardt. Linguistic ideas of Schuhardt can be considered as a result of development of the theoretical linguistics in XIX century. In addition, the article discusses the important scientific ideas of Schuchardt and the role of his research in the theoretical linguistics of the XX century. The article points out the features of Schuchardt’s scientific style and its influence on the development of linguistics.

Keywords: Schuchardt scientific style, history of Linguistic Studies, comparative-historical linguistics, general linguistics



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