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Linguistics & Intercultural communications


Alefirenko N.F., Zharkynbekova S.K. Basic tendencies and prospects of development of comparative linguacognitive science            5, 22

Beresneva V.A. Solovyov’s “General Law of All Kinds of Development” as Onthological Basis for Distinguishing Two Stages of Linguistic Syncretism  2, 25

Bialek E. Remarks on the usage of adjectives: ‘дипломатичный’ and ‘дипломатический’ 4, 37

Dovbnya L.E. Semantic changes in structures of general slavonic nouns retaining their primary meaning in russian and ukrainian languages (on the material of thematic group “Designation of human’s and animal’s parts of body”)    1, 43

Dyachok N.V. Means of univerb formation in the context of univerbalization models        2, 32

Fedotova T.V. Сommunicative and pragmatical updating of antroponym    5, 15

Fedulova M.N. Nature of discourse, its essence, status         1, 10

Gasparyan G.R. Language means of creating the image of “superfl uous man” in William Saroyan’s short story “The Mouse”                       5, 32

Gejmbuh E.Yu., Gordeeva O.M. Interrogative sentences as a means of expression addressed text (on the material of the lyrics of I.A. Bunin)          6, 26

Grinberg S.A. To communicative vitality of Russian and Belarusian languages under conditions of bilingualism 3, 32

Guseva S.I. Perception of spontaneous speech: an information approach    3, 11

Koudrjavtseva E.L., Volkova T.V. Entry of bilinguals in language(s) to multicultural society       4, 14

Kozlovskaya N.V. N.F. Fedorov’s “supramoralizm”: The problem of definition of author’s philosophical term     2, 17

Melikyan V.Yu., Kasatkina E.A. The concept of «power» in Russian lingual culture: Cognitive, phraseological and semantic aspects         4, 26

Mkhitaryan E.S. Constructions with Ellipted Object (with reference to English)     1, 68

Moskvin V.P. Concept of the symbol: experience of parametric analysis     1, 17

Petrova E.V. Methodology of the studying of interlingual discrepancies in the sphere of wishes of luck as discursive practices          1, 57

Pimenova M.V. Stereotypes change or a new look at mentality in language 2, 3

Proshina Z.G. Russian English: Pride or Prejudice?  6, 15

Rivlina A.A. The lexeme VIP / vip — ВИП / вип. Lexical variation in the light of globalization of English           3, 22

Shteba A.A. Deformation of language personality    3, 41

Sosnina L.V. Structural types of quasi-composites    1, 36

Tcherniavskaia V.E., Zakaryan S.S. Cultural marked Texts: Intercultural Dimension of Text Linguistics   2, 10

Tchernyavskaya V.E. Mediality: Emboded Cognition          1, 3

Terkulov V.I. Ethnic Language: The principles of definition            4, 3

Valuitseva I.I., Khukhuni G.T. Paradox of bilinguism (the usage of two languages in literary works)       3, 3

Vladimirova T.E. Russian discourse as reflection of existence in language conceptualization        6, 3

Voloshina O.A. “Compendium” of August Shleicher — as the results of development and views on future progress            1, 26

Voloshina O.A. Linguistic ideas of Hugo Schuchardt and the features of his scientific style           4, 3


History & Criticism of Literature


Antyukhov A.V., Golovanevsky A.L. Is Tyutchev a Slavophile?    1, 74

Arkatova A. Eros in Space. Solzhenitsyn's and Tsvetaeva's Moscow Heroines and Their Trial by Separation    2, 56

Barkovskaya N.V. “Selected Poems and Translations”: conceptual integrity of the books of the mounting type    5, 63

Bogdanova O.V. The novel is dead, Long live the novel (Novel by V. Sorokin “Roman”). Part 2  1, 89

Dandan Wu. Aesthetics of the avant-garde in the art concept of S. Esenin   1, 102

Dyrdin A.A. Idea of overcoming of death in the epic novel by M.A. Sholokhov «The Quiet Don»            4, 78

Egorov O.G. The autobiography of N.G. Chernyshevsky: Ideological, genre and stylistic originality         5, 41

Hugaev I.S.”Osetinschina” of Kosta Khetagurov: An essay “Osoba” and its importance in the ossetian literature history             2, 67

Klimoff A. In the Twilight of an Illusory City: Dostoevsky’s “White Nights”           6, 44

Kling O.A. Valeria Briusov: from vital and creative ideas (“zhiznetvorchestvo”) to recreating reality and the creative personality in the spirit of Bolshevism           6, 53

Kochetova S.A. Historical projections between Russian and French cultures in the novel «The Ninth Thermidor» by M. Aldanov as a thematic camertone in the tetralogy «The Thinker 3, 80

Kostenko A.N. The phenomenon of creativity in V. Nabokov’s “Pale Fire”            1, 83

Kunarev A.A. Science to please, or Repetilov’s games (from comments to «Woe from wit» by A.S. Griboedov)             3, 69

Podobrij A.V. Techniques of creating of multicultural environment within the Russian language in the «The Red Cavalry» by Babel (120th Anniversary of Birth of I.E. Babel)           3, 62

Shashkina G.Z. The geometrical symbolics in Olzhas Suleymenov’s poem “A Clay Book”           4, 87

Shubnikova-Guseva N.I. Sergey Esenin and Maksim Gorki: On the question about common ideas in works 3, 47

Smirnov S.R., Ivanova V.Y. “Irkutsk’s myth”: V. Rasputin and A. Vampilov (problem of typological parallels)  5, 52

Smirnova A.I. Existential model of the world in G.I. Gazdanov’s short stories        2, 48

Tatevosyan R.V. Lermontov and Armenian classical poetry. From the history of the study: the problematics and steps  6, 36

Tlostanova M.V. From the poetics of fury to the poetics of re-existence: late 20th century Caribbean Anglophone fiction  2, 75

Yakovlev M.V. Religious revelation in poems by A. Bely    4, 48

Yegorov O.G. “Erlkönig” by V.A. Zhukovsky and “Clara Movraj” by V.I. Krasov. Dialogue two romantics     1, 109

Zlochevskaya A.V. V. Nabokov’s novel “The Gift”: the enigma of authorship and paradox of narration     4, 64


Philology Abroad

Finke M. Repetition and Pil’niak’s Poetics of Trauma: “Moist Mother Earth” (“Мать сыра земля”)          3, 89

Mahboob A. English: The industry. Part I. (Translated from English by A.A. Kravchule)     2, 89

Mahboob A. English: The industry. Part II. (Translated from English by A.A. Kravchule)    3, 102

Sergay T. On the Threat to Russian’s Status as a World Language   5, 93


Textual Studies & Copy-Editing

Inshakova N.G. Annotations in the modern context of book publishing      6, 72

Kalmykova V.V. Odessa Text of The Russian Literature (making the problem)      6, 84

Kholikov A.A. Historical and functional approach to the study of Dmitry Merezhkovsky’s complete works published during his life  5, 8

Loshchinskaya N.V. Crossed out text as realized text. The semantics of ideograms (from the experience of A. Blok’s lyric poetry academic publishing)       6, 60

Sergeeva E.V., Aksenko O.V. Image of the author as a category of a literary text and the basis of the artwork analysis            5, 73


Bibliography & Literature Review

Bakhtikireeva U.M. Intercultural communication in alphabetical order. Review of the first Dictionary of intercultural communication study terms   6, 101

Golubkov M.M. Andrei Platonov and his novel “Chevengur”. Review on O.Ju. Alejnikov’s monograph   6,  97

Krylova O.A. Personal Naming Units in the Russian Language at the beginning of the XXI Century. Review on Glossary-handbook by E.A. Zaitseva  4, 95

Sukhov V.A. Sound integrates Russian songs: Yesenin and World Literature. Review on monograph         3, 109

Tarasova N.A. Dostoevsky and Cervantes: Dialogue in the big time. Review on K.A. Stepanyan’s monograph    2, 100

Zachevsky E.A. Failing to surmount borders. Review on the monograph     1, 115

Zharkynbekova S.K., Atirkul A.E. Kazakhstan sociolinguistics today: priorities of studies' development (bibliography review)            2, 105


Scientists & leading scientific schools

Lipovetsky M. The willpower for essence: The life and scholarly heritage of Naum Leiderman     4, 112

Frolov M.A. Julian Grigorievich Oksman (1895—1970): A brief review of the scientific biography         5, 111


Scientific Events

Kolesnikova E.I. Chronicle of the seminar “The crossed-out text as the communication act”         3, 112

Nepomniaschih N.А., Proskurina E.N. A review of the all-Russia Scientific Conference with International Participants “Sjuzhetologija / Sjuzhetografija”       4, 98

Ovchinnikova I.G. Dialogue 2014: International Conference on Computational Linguistics           6, 107

Skoropanova I.S. The Third International Conference “Russian and Belarussian Literatures on the Boarder of XXth and XXIth centuries”          5, 106

XIII Congress of MAPRYAL  2, 119