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About the specifics and principles of building a new generation of Lezginsky-Russian dictionary

A.R. Gasharova, A.T. Akamov

UDC (038)=351=161.1


Gasharova Aida R.,

Сandidate of Philology, Senior Scientific Researcher

Tsadasa Institute of Language, Literature and Art

Dagestan Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

ORCID: 0000-0002-1651-1740


Akamov Abusupyan T.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor, Leading Researcher,

Head of Tsadasa Institute of Language, Literature and Art

Dagestan Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

ORCID: 0000-0002-8700-2716



The article highlights the results of the development of principles for the presentation of vocabulary material in the new Lezginsky-Russian dictionary. This dictionary is an academic type dictionary and is part of a series of second-generation translation and explanatory dictionaries. The dictionary serves as a reference book about the meanings, grammatical features, communicative possibilities of the words of the modern Lezgian language. This is a fundamentally new experience of collecting and systematizing the vocabulary of the Lezgian language, associated with solving the issues of designing dictionary entries and developing word meanings. The new edition of the dictionary differs significantly from the previous one both in the volume and structure of each dictionary entry, which is supplemented with new lexemes, meanings and expressions that have enriched the Lezgian language over the past decades. The development of theoretical issues of Lezgian (Dagestan) lexicography is important for its further development.

Keywords: Lezgian language, lexicography, dictionary, construction principles, structure.



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