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Mysticism of “Batum”

B.A. Kurkin
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UDC 821.161.1-2                           


Kurkin Boris A.,

Doctor of Law, Professor

Tambov State Technical University;

Member of the Writers’ Union of Russia


The article is devoted to the analysis of the meanings laid down in “Batum”, the last play by M.A. Bulgakov. The author reviews the sources which the playwright relied on when writing his play, and the need to strictly follow their letter and spirit, which put the writer in an extremely tough political framework. The article argues that the play axis is the contrast between the images of Stalin and Nicholas II. In the meantime, the last Russian Tsar is depicted in a caricature way not corresponding to historical truth. The author of the article notes that in the image of the last Russian Tsar the playwright followed the Soviet dramaturgy tradition. It is also emphasized that a negative, caricatured depicting of Nicholas II image inevitably entailed a blasphemous attitude towards the great Russian St. Seraphim of Sarov referred to in the play. The work shows that the image of Stalin contains unambigious hints on paraphrase of gospel plots which is essentially sacriledge. The play “Batum” is considered in the article as a quite predictable failure in literature legacy of M.A. Bulgakov.

Keywords: Gospel, Seraphim of Sarov, Nicholas II, Stalin, sources of “Batum”.