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The paradigm of femininity in the prose of Augusta Damanskaya

O.R. Demidova
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UDC 82-32:141                  


Demidova Olga R.,

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,

Professor of the Philosophy Department

Pushkin Leningrad State University



The article treats the invariant female characters’ paradigm presented in short stories written by the forgotten Russian first wave émigré writer A. Damanskaya and included in her first four collections published before emigration, in the 1900–1910s. Relying on gender methodology, the author of the article carries out a detailed textual analysis singling out two basic structural oppositions of the stories, i.e., the “male female” and the “traditional heroine — “new” heroine” ones. The analysis makes it possible to define the heroines’ characteristic features as well as the main plot lines and collisions as the frame for their comparison and juxtaposition. Besides, the author treats Damasnkaya’s prose as part of Russian literature of the time, comparing a number of themes and plot collisions present in both Damanskaya’s short stories and in male prose of the period to highlight Damanskaya’s original way of treating well-known plots and characters.

Keywords: femininity, masculinity, paradigm, a story, emotional and bodily experience, gender, gender roles, the “male — female” opposition, male and female characters, a traditional heroine, a “new” heroine, theme, plot, motive, an open end.



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