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Semantic properties underlying category transformations

Ch.G. Gogichev
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UDC 81`37                


Gogichev Chermen G.,

Doctor of Philology,

Professor of the Foreign Languages Department No. 2

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow



The paper considers various types of features and categories based on their relation to the recategorization procedure. The semantic structure of such categories consists of identification basis as well as a- and b-properties where identification together with the characteristics of the a-type represent a R-neutral block, and b-properties belong to the R-active segment. The b-zone properties are connected to the cognitive coordinates in various modes, the main of which is the mode of potential realizability “may (be)…”. These are the features that underlie recategorization, they are designated as R-active. As cognitive regulators, both various categories and concepts can act, as well as bundles of a concept and a category. The essence of the recategorization process is transition of some properties of the initial category into the a-properties of the final category. During this process, some potential characteristics transform from the “may (be)…” mode in the reality mode.

Keywords: categories, semantic structure, identification zone, descriptive characteristics, recategorization, cognitive coordinates, mediation function.



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