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Humanistic and educational principles of the past in the context of modern problems of culture and education (reflections on L.U. Zvonareva’s book “Opening the gates of scholarship: the life and work of Simeon Polotsky”)

N.G. Inshakova, I.A. Pankeev

Zvonareva, Lola Utkirovna.

Opening the Gates of Scholarship : Life and Works of Simeon Polotsky : Monograph / L.U. Zvonareva ; preface by A.P. Bogdanov ; foreword by the author. — Moscow : Biblio TV Academia, 2020. — 400 p.



UDC 929Polotsky(02)


Inshakova Nataliya G.,

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor,

Associate Professor of the Theory and Methodology Edit Department

Lomonosov Moscow State University


Pankeev Ivan A.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor,

Professor of the History and Legal Regulation of

Domestic Mass Media Department

Lomonosov Moscow State University



The characteristics of the monograph about the outstanding writer, philosopher, teacher S. Polotsky are presented primarily from the point of view of the relevance and significance of the positions of the educator for modern culture and pedagogy. The importance of an interdisciplinary approach reflecting the needs of the humanities of the information society for research activities is emphasized.

Keywords: principles of education, cultural traditions, educational mission, encyclopedism, interdisciplinary approach.