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Unrepeatable Repetition: Chekhov’s Prose and Literary Genres

N.V. Kapustin
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UDC 81.161.1-3

ISBN 978-5-905998-10-2

DOI 10.20339/978-5-905998-10-2-2022-4-224Ka


Kapustin, N.V.

Unrepeatable Repetition: Chekhov’s Prose and Literary Genres. — Moscow : ALMAVEST,

2022. — 224 p. — (Library of the Journal “Philological Sciences”. Volume 4).

This book by Doctor of Philology N.V. Kapustin shows the changes taking place with traditional Russian literature genres in the artistic world of Chekhov’s narrative works. The author consistently examines elements of the genre matrix of Chekhov’s short stories and novels in a complex interaction with Russian medieval and classical literature and literature of the late 19th century. This book shows how Chekhov’s literary genres acquire new features due to his humanistic and aesthetic conception of the world and man. The example of Chekhov’s specific works shows how the “alien” acquires the properties of “his own” genre that begins its own unique life, gaining new meanings and connotations. The book is addressed to a wide audience, primarily scholars and students of philological faculties, as well as to all those interested in Chekhov’s heritage and Russian literature.