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“Artistic transformations as a creative process”

N.V. Loshchinskaya

UDC 808.1          


Loshchinskaya Nina V.,

PhD Candidate of Philology,

Senior research associate of Department of the Latest Russian literature,

Institute of the Russian Literature Russian Academy of Sciences

(Pushkinskij Dom),

Member of the A.А. Block’s Complete Works academic publishing project



In October 2021 the International Scholars Conference “Artistic Transformations as a Creative Process” was held in the Institute of the Russian Literature (Pushkinskij Dom), Russian Academy of Sciences. The main direction of the conference was Russian philology (literature of the 18th–21st centuries). Several papers focused on the problems of transforming the images of writers and their works in the modern media space. 40 papers were presented at six plenary sessions. They continued to develop the problematic of the project “Crossed Out Text in the Perspective of an Artistic Utterance”, which was discussed at nine annual seminars that took place in the Pushkinskii Dom, starting from the autumn of 2012.

Keywords: Russian philology, 18th–21st century literature, author’s image, crossed out text.