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Narrative strategies in A.P. Chekhov’s short story “Belated flowers” (“Tsvety zapozdalye”) in the 1917 film of the same name directed by B. Sushkevich

E.N. Tuzova
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Tuzova Elena N.,

PhD Student of the Russian and Foreign Literature

and Public Relations Department

Korolev Samara National Research University



The article attempts to identify the functions of the narrator and the recipient in the story of A.P. Chekhov “Belated Flowers” (“Tsvety zapozdalye”) and compare them with the narrative strategies of B. Sushkevich’s film adaptation “Belated Flowers. (Dr. Toporkov)”, written in 1917. This allows you to answer the question what features of the reading Chekhov was observed at this time? If in the story the author uses a combination of melodramatic and ironic discourses to attract the reader, then the film was interpreted as a drama without lyrical digressions and irony. This is largely due to the fact that the film was directed by B. Sushkevich is an active participant of the First Studio of the Moscow art theatre. This film is the first extant interpretation of Chekhov by this theater, which for many years will become a Canon in the interpretation of Chekhov’s works on our stage and screen. Created on the eve of the revolution, the film could not do without strengthening social motives.

Keywords: A.P. Chekhov, “Belated Flowers”, B. Sushkevich, narrator, narrator, narrative strategies.



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