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Biography and life: the view of the poet Yuri Kuznetsov

E.V. Bogachkov
80,00 Р


Bogachkov Eugene V.,

Chief Editor of the Literary Russia Newspaper



In the article we consider the relationship of biography and creativity through the prism of creative heritage of the poet Yuri Pilikarpovich Kuznetsov (1941–2003). Based on the ideas expressed by S.G. Bocharov (in his work “What is a Biography of a Poet”, concluded that poetry itself is present in the poet’s biography and defines it as the decisive and main part), as well as T.A. Kasatkina (in her work “What is considered an event of a biography?” the necessity is substantiated in certain cases of inclusion in the scope of the description of the poet’s life events of the “adventures of consciousness” of this poet), the article shows typical examples of such (in the words of V.V. Weidle) “nodes of creative destiny”, which “life is tied to art”, as in the biography of Y.P. Kuznetsov, and, in his perception, in the biography of a number of other poets (Sergei Yesenin, Alexei Prasolov, Gennady Kasmynin and others), whose work and life he comprehended.

The study allows us to conclude that the biography as such is only one of the constituent parts, and by no means the most important, the truly real life for Kuznetsov, which he tried to express in his poems. The poet’s look at the creativity and fate of another poet takes place at a special level of perception, which allows one to see things that are inaccessible to the “ordinary” and purely “scientific” consciousness. All this confirms the value of just literary literary theory and criticism for the theory and history of literature as a whole.

Keywords: Y.P. Kuznetsov, biography of the poet, biographical event, adventures of consciousness, S.G. Bocharov, T.A. Kasatkina, Esenin, Prasolov, literary theory and practice.


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