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Journey through the artistic world of E.I. Zamyatin

I.K. Sushilina, N.Yu. Grigoryev

Zamiatinskaia entsiklopediia / T.T. Davydova. Moskva: Flinta, 2018. 741 s.

ISBN 978-5-9765-3810-8     


Sushilina Irina K.,

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor at

Higher School of Printing and Media Industry

Moscow Polytechnic University



Grigoryev Nikolay Yu.,

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor at

Moscow State Humanitarian the University of Economics



This review describes the first “Zamyatin Encyclopaedia”, created by a well-known expert, Doctor of Philology, Professor T. Davydova. This literary encyclopaedia is a result of the author’s many years work. The Encyclopaedia is based on the wide academic literature devoted to Zamyatin, archives and epistolary heritage. The publication gives a complete and scientifically objective view on Zamyatin’s books, his biography, esthetical researches and his place in the literary process.

Keywords: personal literary encyclopaedia, author's, vocabulary, structure, context, literary process, epistolary heritage, type, neorealism, motives.