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On the project of institutional history of Soviet literature (1920–1930 years)

D.S. Moskovskaya
80,00 Р


Moskovskaya Daria S.,

Doctor of Philology, Chief Researcher,

Head of the Manuscripts Department

A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature, Russian Academy of Sciences



The article summarizes the experience of studying of the Soviet literary unions as social institutions; puts the problem of the literary researching content of this experience and substantiates the applicability of the institutional approach to the literary process. It is proposed to study the writer's associations as a semiotic space characterized by a figurative-motivic complex created of institutional texts a dialogized, ideologically marked word that comes from the socio-political languages and languages of generations.

Keywords: history of Soviet literature, historical and literary process, literary Association, near-literary life, sociology of literature, institutionality, real commentary. dialogized word, semiotic space, institutional approach.