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The review of the monography S.A. Matyash “Enjambement in the Russian poetry (essays about theory and history)”

P.A. Yakimov

Matiash S.A. Stikhotvornyi perenos (enjambement) v russkoi poezii. Ocherki teorii i istorii. St. Petersburg: Izd-vo Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi pedagogicheskii universitet im. A.I. Gertsena (RGPU). 2017. 464 s.

ISBN: 978-5-8064-2418-2  

Yakimov Petr A.,

Candidate of Pedagogics, Associate Professor,

Associate Professor of the Russian Language

and Technique of Teaching Russian Language Department

Orenburg State Pedagogical University



In this article the monograph of the Doctor of Philology professor Svetlana Alekseevny Matyash “Enjambement in the Russian poetry (essays about theory and history)” from a position of a combination of poetic transfers (enj), literary and linguistic in the analysis, in the Russian poetry is reviewed. Advantages of an author's technique of the description of the phenomenon of enj, its novelty, the theoretical and practical importance are shown. The monograph opens the wide horizons for research of poetic forms, including from a syntax position.

Keywords: enjambement, Russian poetry, poetic form, syntactic links, S.A. Matyash.