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Review of the academic collection of V.V. Mayakovsky’s works in 20 volumes

E.A. Tyurina
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Tyurina Elena А.,

Сandidate of Philology, Senior Researcher

Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences



The article reviews a new full scientific collection of works by V. Mayakovsky in 20 volumes, which is a new word in the study of the poet. The first four volumes were published, including all of Mayakovsky's poetic heritage. This edition has a number of significant differences from the previous 13-volume collected works (Moscow, 1955–1961): 1. More advanced composition. Agit poems not published in the collections of works; for the first time, the volume “Painting and Graphics” and five more volumes with Mayakovsky’s works of art (political and social posters, advertisements — for the first time are given not only the text to them, but also drawings); included section of notebooks, etc. 2. A new textological preparation of texts on the principles of textological science of the XXI century has been carried out — the choice of the main source of the text is made on the basis of a comparison of all existing sources of the work and takes into account the latest creative will of the author. This made it possible to correct mistakes and typos, to make reasoned amendments, to restore censorship exemptions and author's spelling and punctuation, to give a new date. 3. In a new way, without ideological determination, with the involvement of inaccessible archival materials, many new realities were commented, which became outdated and became obscure to the modern reader. The comment is several times higher than the previous one, contains literary criticism, including material from Russian abroad. The article provides an overview of the next upcoming volumes of the new academic collection of works by V. Mayakovsky.

Keywords: Vladimir Mayakovsky, a new complete scientific collection of works in 20 volumes, textology, poetic heritage.



1. Maiakovskii V.V. Polnoe sobranie proizvedenii: V 20 t. T. 1. Stikhotvoreniia 1912–1924 / Sost., podgot. teksta, komment. R.V. Duganov, A.T. Nikitaev, A.P. Zimenkov, V.N. Terekhina, otvetstvennyi redaktor V.N. Terekhina; T. 2. Stikhotvoreniia 1924–1926 / Sost., podgot. teksta, komment. A.A. Kozlovskogo, otvetstvennyi redactor V.N. Terekhina; T. 3. Stikhotvoreniia 1927 – pervaia polovina 1928 / Sost., podgot. teksta, komment. V.N. Diadichev, otvetstvennyi redaktor V.N. Terekhina; T. 4. Stikhotvoreniia vtoraia polovina 1928–1930. Stikhi detiam 1925–1929 / Sost., podgot. teksta, komment. V.N. Diadichev, A.P. Zimenkov, S.A. Kovalenko, T.A. Kupchenko, N.V. Mikhalenko, V.N. Terekhina, otvetstvennyi redaktor V.N. Diadichev, A.M. Ushakov. Moscow: Nauka, 2013–2016.

2. Likhachev D.S. Tekstologiia: kratkii ocherk. 2-e izd. Moscow: Nauka, 2006.