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Сryptographic portrayal of I.S. Turgenev in F.M. Dostoevsky’s works of the 1860s

S.A. Kibalnik
80,00 Р


Kibalnik Sergeу A.,

Doctor of Philology, Leading Researcher

Institute of  Russian Literature (Pushkin House) of the  Russian

Academy of Sciences,


St. Petersburg State University



A psychological trauma which Dostoevsky felt as a result of his split with Belinsky’s circle included Turgenev produced in his works of the 1860–1870s some direct or indirect portrayal of Turgenev’s personality. Turgenev’s satirical image in Dostoevsky’s novel “The Possessed” (1871–1872) which was created at the time of sharp personal and social contradictions between the two writers is well-know. In the meantime, the cases of cryptographic portrayal of Turgenev in Dostoevsky’s works of the 1860s still remain almost unnoticed. Although, the hypothesis that the mindless passion of “the general” to M-lle Blanche in Dostoevsky’s novel “The Gambler” is a sort of cryptoparody of Turgenev’s love affair with Pauline Viardot was already argued. Some features of Turgenev in the character of Zverkov (“The Notes from Underground”) have been supposed as well. The article contains a detailed analysis of III and IV chapters from the second part of the tale as compared with the portrayal of Turgenev in Dostoevsky’s letters, his novel “The Possessed” and in the different writers’ memoirs. It proves that while portraying an alienation of the main character of the tale from his “schoolmates” Dostoevsky was trying to figure out the reasons of his past split with Turgenev. Dostoevsky’s cryptographic poetics is explained in the article by the fact that his personal relations with Turgenev at that time were relatively good.

It is also shown that there is a similar character in Dostoevsky’s novel «The Idiot» which is portrayed, however, as a more attractive person. Perhaps, it reflects the fact that in the 1860s Turgenev a few times gave Dostoevsky serious favors.

Keywords: image, cryptographic, poetics, works, literature, pamphlet, circle, intertextual, novel, tale.




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