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Functional and functional-semantic homonyms arising from modаlation of pronouns in Russian language

V.V. Shigurov
80,00 Р


Shigurov Victor V.,

Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor,

Head of the Russian Language Department

National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University



Studied is the problem of modаlation of pronouns, which is almost unexplained by the grammar of the Russian language. Their transposition in a single position and in stable compositions turns into an interchain semantic-syntactic discharge of input-modal words and expressions. Presented are the possibilities of describing the stepped nature of this type of transposition using the transitivity scale, which fixes the different stages of modаlation of the pronoun wordforms. Based on the example of wordforms like between us, in my opinion, considered are the two types of homonyms arising in the functional and functional-semantic modulation of pronouns. Attention is drawn to the different degree of desemantization and de-categorization under introductory-modal use. The author substantiates the proposition that the stage of the periphery of the input modal units on the scale of modulation (transitivity) is the limit of the transposition of prepositional forms of pronouns-nouns between us, in my opinion into the interchain semantic-syntactic category of input-modal words and expressions, since it has purely grammatical character and is not associated with the formation of new lexical units.

Keywords: Russian language, grammar, transposition, modаlation, part of speech, pronoun, modal word, homonymy.




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