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Including of acathistus’s attributes in J. Brodsky’s poem “The Portrait of Tragedy” as an example of architextual device

O.A. Gasselblat
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Gasselblat Olga A.,

Post-doctoral student in the Russian Language Department of

the A.I. Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg



This article addresses the question of how religious discourse is represented in Joseph Brodsky’s poetry. It explores the presence of some genre characteristics of various religious texts such as prayer, burial service and acathistus. Through an analysis of ‘The Farewell Ode’ by J. Brodsky and its referring biographical background - the poem was written after Brodsky’s breakup with M. Basmanova - I investigate the use of lexical structures inherent in prayers of burial service. My article describes the application of acathistus’s composition form in ‘Portrait Of The Tragedy’ poem. I conclude that Brodsky fulfills this poem with semantically and stylistically opposite content by including 12-line form of acathistus, meanwhile keeping imperative as a dominant of the text and repeatedly addressing to the glorified object.

Keywords: religious discourse, architextuality.




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