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Two “Vines” of Ivan Shmelev (metamorphoses of vivid symbolics in work of writer to and after revolution 1917 year)

N.N. Primochkina
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Natalia N. Primochkina,

Dr. Sci. in Philology, Leading Research Fellow,

А.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow



In the article two stories are compared with the identical name “Vine”, created Shmelev in 1913 and 1936, shown, as symbolic maintenance of character of vine changed in his work before and after revolution 1917, as from the symbol of flowering, always renovating life this character grew into the symbol of folk grief and tears. The comparable analysis of two works allows to come to the conclusion, that coincidences and roll-calls between them are not casual. Shmelev consciously sharpened attention on them, more evident to show to the reader, that it happened with former flowering life and simple Russian people as a result of revolution, to take away a merciless sentence to the ruiners of Russia — bolshevists and no less strict — to indifferent and self-interested Europeans.

Keywords: two stories of Shmelev “Vine”, character-symbol of vine, sentence of artist, ruiners of Russia.



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