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Boris Godunov as the “first person” in dramatic trilogy by A.K. Tolstoy

V.A. Koshelev
80,00 Р


Koshelev Vyacheslav А.,

Dr. Sci. in Philology, Professor

Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod (UNN), Arzamas branch



Subject of research – system of images of the dramatic trilogy by A.K. Tolstoy, which the author considered as «a trilogy “Boris Godunov” three separate pieces», the most significant of which (“the best of my poetry and prose works”) became “the middle” the play “Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich”. The most important for the manifestation of his ideas was the image of King Boris, who, as in the famous drama by A.S. Pushkin, was Central for the manifestation of the basic idea about fundamentals of Russian political power. Tolstoy presented a paradoxical form of expression of evil power on the throne, when his vehicle becomes a state of mind, a rare education, a noble and high soul. He felt the need to replace the principle of “autocracy”, the principle of “autocracy”, that is, not for power, unfettered, and a monarchical form of government in which the ruler becomes the “anointed of God” and the guarantor “Symphony” between secular and spiritual power. But all of the options to implement this kind of ideal power fail and demonstrate the tragic failure of the fair Board.

Keywords: “first person”, the idea of power, good and evil.



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