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Nenets Loanwords in the Northern Text in the Russian Literature

A.V. Petrov
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Petrov Andrey V.,

Doctor of Philological Sciences, Associate professor

Professor of Russian language and speech culture,

Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Arkhangelsk



One of the important linguistic resources commonly used in the Northern Russian literature are borrowings from the Nenets language. They allow to adequately convey the people’s national identity, to show the pecularities of their everyday life, the material and spiritual culture of the Nenets. Among the Nenets borrowings there are lexemes well mastered by the Russian language, included in dictionaries and understandable without translation, exotic words that always require clarification, and barbarisms – foreign words in Russian texts. There are different methods to semantize loanwords: including a clarification in the footnotes, explaining the word within the text, giving commonly used synonyms, additions and context. Nenets borrowings in the Northern text have nominative, characterological, stylistic and metric functions. The use of loanwords in a figurative sense, and their inclusion in the structure of a book’s imagery shows that they are beginning to be acquired by creative writers.

Keywords: Northern text of the Russian literature, the Nenets language, borrowings (loanwords), semantization, functions of borrowings.



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