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Principles of phono-grammar in the annex to progressive categorazation of Arabic and Russian roots

R.A. Al-foadi
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Al-foadi Raheem Ali,

PhD (Russian Philology),

Assistant professor

Department of Russian Language

Baghdad State University, Iraq



In this article, the phonetic changes of root as a connecting link of linguistic meanings in progressive categorization in Russian and Arabic are discussed. The linguistic material is analyzed from the position of a new methodical approach in science of language — phono-grammar. On the material of contrastive comparing of Russian and Arabic, keeping the main meaning of root which connected with stable consonant composition positional in all linguistic levels, and the showing up of flexion as a factor-connector of depending of each other linguistic meanings are demonstrated, which condition for it's part the progressive linguistic system of categorization of arabic and russian roots.

Keywords: morphonology, contrastive linguistics, phono-grammar, linguistic categorization, root, microflexion, flexion, grammatical markers.




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