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Fiction and reality in Musa Akhmadov’s novel “Trees at Dusk”

L.M. Dovletkireeva, V.Sh. Rasumov
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UDC 821.351`42:82-31

DOI  10.20339/PhS.6-23.080


Dovletkireeva Lidia M.,

Candidate of Philology,

Associate Professor of the Russian Language Department

Kadyrov Chechen State University;

Senior Researcher

Academy of Sciences of the Chechen Republic

e-mail: dlida@inbox.en

Rasumov Vakha Sh.,

Candidate of Philology,

Associate Professor of the Chechen Philology Department

Kadyrov Chechen State University;

Head of the Laboratory of Chechen Linguistics, Literature and Folklore

Institute of the Chechen Language



The article presents an analysis of the novel “Trees at Dusk” by the Chechen prose writer Musa Akhmadov from the perspective of implementing the method of fantastic realism in the text space as an artistic way of depicting reality and expressing the author’s worldview. An attempt is presented to demonstrate the connection of this method with the conflict, plot and problems of a work of art. The authors seek to identify both the plan for the content of this literary category and the plan for its implementation, determine the stylistic devices characteristic of Musa Akhmadov’s creative manner, and understand how they contribute to the translation of the author’s ideas to the reader, how they participate in the formation of the figurative system of the work, what role they play in the philosophical concept of the writer. The subject of the study is the philosophical and ideological aspect of the symbolic-fantastic way of dissecting reality in the space of a literary text.

Keywords: reality, fantasy, novel, plot, hero, conflict, Musa Akhmadov.



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