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“The manor as an image of the existence of a person of culture: I.S. Shmelev, B.K. Zaitsev, S.A. Yesenin, etc.”: Review of the book by M.V. Skorohodov

E.A. Korshunova
80,00 ₽

Skorokhodov, M.V. Landowner’s estate in Russian literature of the late XIX — first third of the XX century : an interdisciplinary approach : monograph. — Moscow : IMLI RAN, 2020. — 268, [2] p. — (Russian estate in the world context ; Iss. 4).

ISBN 978-5-9208-0637-6


UDC (038)=351=161.1


Korshunova Evgeniya A.,

Doctor of Philology, Leading Researcher

Alexander Solzhenitsyn House of Russian Abroad;

Dostoevsky Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy



The review of the book by M.V. Skorokhodov “The manor in Russian literature of the late 19 — first third of the 20th century: An interdisciplinary approach” (Moscow, 2020) is presented. The review analyzes M.V. Skorokhodov’s attempt to describe and study the phenomenon of the Russian estate based on the works of S.A. Yesenin, N.A. Klyuev, I.S. Shmelev, B.K. Zaitsev, etc. To solve this problem, the author applies an interdisciplinary approach that allows to involve the terminological apparatus of art history and geography. For the first time, the author defined and formulated the mission of the literary museum.

Keywords: manor, phenomenon, mission, literary museum, interdisciplinary research.