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Federation of associations of Soviet writers as a model of the literary process of 1926–1932 — organizational, financial, ideological and aesthetic compo-nents (based on archived primary sources from the Department of manuscripts IWL RAS)

D.S. Moskovskaya
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UDC 82-043.8/.9(091):061    


Moskovskаya Darya S.,

Doctor of Philology, Deputy Director for Research,

Chief Researcher, Head of the Manuscripts Department

Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences



The article presents an experience in reconstructing the history of the Federation of Associations of Soviet writers (FASW) based on archived primary sourceson from the Department of manuscripts of the IWL RAS, which are being for the first time introduced into scientific circulation. The history of the FASW (FOSP) is the history of the struggle of proletarian organizations for the leadership of the entire Federation. The main method of manipulation was the Communist faction of the FASW headed by A.A. Fadeev, which was controlled by the press Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU(b). The Federation duplicated trade Union functions provided its members with housing, the opportunity to relax, travel abroad, and helped reduce taxes on the income of writers. The Federation was funded by the Narkompros. The history of the FASW shows that after the end of the NEP, the existence оf the institute of literature became directly dependent on the nature of the relationship with the only counterparty — the state with which the writers concluded employment contracts. At the end of the first five-year plan, the Federation was an extra link in the business communication between the writer and the state, which required a significant budget and refracted the voice of power with the interpretations of self-appointed ideologues.

Keywords: archive, publication, history of associations of Soviet writers, FOSP (FASW), VAPP, “Pereval”, “Krug”, napostovstvo, voronschina, financing, counterparty, Law.