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“…Now I write ‘About Love’…” (The Problems and poetics of the story “The hermit” by M. Gorky)

N.N. Primochkina
80,00 Р

UDC 821.161.1-3


Primochkina Natalia N.,

Doctor of Philology, Leading Researcher

M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences



The article analyzes Gorky’s program work “The Hermi”, which opens his book “Stories of 1922–1924”. The problems and poetics of the story are revealed by comparing the image of the main character with the characters of other works of the writer of this time. It is shown that when creating the image of a hermit, Gorky could start from a memoir essay about John of Kronstadt written by him at the same time. In contrast to the official Orthodox Church, the writer created his ideal of a Russian Holy elder. “The hermit” is also compared with the essay “medicine Woman”, in which Gorky showed a female version of the image of his elder. Sam Sawelij and the witch is Ivanicha — a symbol of the best that Gorky found the Russian man. The main humanistic pathos of the story “The Hermit” is in the statement of unselfish, all-conquering love of man for the world around him, for all living things on earth, for man for man. In conclusion, the question of the idea of the book “Stories of 1922–1924” as a whole is raised and solved, which is revealed when comparing “The Hermit” with the last in the book “A Story about the extraordinary”.

Keywords: M. Gorky, “Stories of 1922–1924”, “Hermit”, God, man, love.



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