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We need a history of Soviet linguistics (Critical review of V.N. Bazylev’s book)

O.V. Nikitin

Bazylev V.N. …V bor’be za sovetskuiu lingvistiku: Ocherk-antologiia. Moscow, Izdatel’stvo SGU, 2014. 380 s


ISBN 978-5-8323-0949-1


Nikitin Oleg V.,

Doctor of Philology, Professor,

Professor of the History of Russian Language

and General Linguistics Department,

Moscow Region State University


The review analyzes the main points of the book, which contains fundamental and new facts from the chronicle of Russian linguistics of the XX century. The study consists of two parts: an author’s essay on the history of linguistics of the mentioned period and an anthology of scientific and journalistic texts, memoirs, conversations and chronicle notes covering the most striking and controversial episodes from the annals of philological science of that time. The book is a textbook for the course “The History of linguistics of the XXth century” and intended for students-linguists, and also philosophers, psychologists, journalists, sociologists, historians and other humanities as an additional didactic material.

Keywords: history of linguistics, philosophy and ideology in science, Marxism and problems of linguistics, philological memoirs.