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Cross-cultural dialogue (Review of V.V. Nicolova’s book)

N.Yu. Grigoryev

Nikolova V.V. Assimilation of Russian dramaturgy in Bulgarian book publishing: monography. Part 1. 1890–1940. Moscow: Academy of Media Industry, 2020. 256 p.


ISBN 978-5-902899-47-1


Grigoryev Nikolay Yu.,

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor

Moscow State University of Humanities and Economics



The review goes into the monograph of the Bulgarian researcher V.V. Nikolova, dedicated to one of the most essential problems of modern human sciences — the problem of interaction and mutual influence of different national cultures. The monograph explores the processes of influence of Russian culture, primarily Russian dramaturgy, on Bulgarian culture. First of all, in this research, a new concept of establishing and development of the national Bulgarian book publishing was created. The author revealed the special role of Russian dramaturgy publications in this process. The special attention is paid to the translation issues.

Keywords: interaction of different national cultures, translated editions, Russian drama, book publishing.