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Media as a desire in contemporary poetic production

O.S. Gorelov
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Gorelov Oleg S.,

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor

of the Theory, History of Literature and Cultural Studies Department

Ivanovo State University



The article analyzes the principles of surrealism shown in the modern media environment and contemporary poetry: the discovery or production of the paradoxality of the surrounding reality; the overcoming the binary nature of subject-object relationships (this may concern the boundary between intimate and social); as well as the working with the concept of desire and its specific realizations. With the example of V. Bannikov’s poetic project, options for representing the media as desires are considered. In particular, digital media, like the art world itself, are not sterile, but bodily, emitting erotic energy. Bannikov’s subject lives in media, letting in “chaos of thickets”, sensuality and imperfection. Constant search (changes of poetic style), constant desire becomes one of the variants of the isomorphism of Bannikov’s poetic text with the media environment. The innovative poetics of contemporary poetry is faced with the demand of the new in media and FoMO syndrome; the satisfaction of this desire remains the only constant. The medial nature of Bannikov’s language machine of desire is also manifested in the interpretation of his poems as recordings of dreams, oneiric reports on the events of the day. Dream poems offer fragmentary recollection and a secondary processing of reality.

Keywords: new media, surrealist code, contemporary Russian poetry, desire, biomorphism, oneirism.



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The work is executed at financial support of Russian Scientific Foundation (project No. 19-18-00205).