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Generation and functioning of texts in the Internet

Iu.I. Butenko, M. Mikhajlova
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Butenko Iulia I.,

Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor

of the English for Engineering Majors Department

Bauman Moscow State Technical University


Mikhajlova Maria D.,

Student of  Bauman Moscow State Technical University



The article is devoted to the creation and functioning of texts in the Internet. It is noted that the position of the resource in the search results directly depends on the quality of the text and the method of its represenation. It is given the definition of copywriting, highlighted its main types, and it is described the distinctive characteristics of each species. The main parameters of SEO-text by which search engines index the resource are listed. These parameters include uniqueness, “nausea” and “water”. The software used to assess the quality of texts is described. The tools used by the copywriter to turn articles into SEO-texts are characterized.

Keywords: copywriting, SEO-copywriting, SEO-texts, selling text, image copywriting.



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